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IT/GIS Staff Update - October 2017


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The month of October has been spent on work for internal projects, as well as continued progress on department/countywide projects. Here are some highlights of the past month.


Information Technology (IT)


·              Continue educating County computer users regarding email security threats and best practices for avoiding computer viruses and malware.

·              Process Account Activations for the 40+ EMS full and part time employees.

·              Continue with receiving and setting up equipment for EMS deployment on 11/1.

·              Completed the porting of EMS ATT telephone numbers from Plexar to VoIP.

·              Working with ATT on moving the County phone service off old Plexar technology, which if possible would result in a lesser monthly cost to County General.

·              Moved all County laptops to newly configured wireless network, allowing for more control of wireless traffic and better security.

·              Established a Countywide Vendor wireless network, allowing for controlled and secure Internet access for Vendor presentations, etc.

·              Continued install of Network related equipment for recently approved 2017 CIP switch/router refreshes.

·              Evaluating new Countywide Email/Spam filter and Endpoint service.

·              Completed onboarding of new District Court Judge Kepple.

·              Receive BOCC approval to continue development of County website redesign w/ Civic Plus, our website hosting vendor.  Anticipate a working demo site to be available for Dept. Head and BOCC review in Jan. 2018.    

·              Continue to work with RCHD staff and the KS. Insight group on the evaluation of a new web-based EMR application, completing all scheduled product demos.  Next steps will be development of a potential RFP for the new EMR application.  

·              Updated the Holiday schedule in Cisco Unity for 2018.

·              Continue work with HR/Counselor’s office on IT related policies and procedures.

·              Completed monthly transfer of SVQs & Deeds to the State, and the transfer of City Specials to Komtek/Newlook.

·              Complete various customer requested phone programming changes.

·              Perform ongoing Website Posting and Social Media administration duties.

·              Ongoing account activation/deactivation, answering of help desk calls, Komtek/AS400 backups, resolution of user issues, swap of older/replacement of failed equipment, etc.



Geographic Information Systems (GIS)



·              Attend Kansas Association of Mappers annual conference, where the 2017 Tax Sale web app won the map gallery contest.  It was a contender against 5 other apps from Douglas County, Shawnee County & Jefferson County. 

·              Updated all GIS servers to ArcServer version 10.5. 

·              Created multiple separate Ft. Riley group layers on website, at Planning’s request.

·              Continued refinement of the new GIS Website, and discussion regarding future enhancement requests provided by the Customer Feedback process.

·              Reconfigured County water lines and points, splitting them up into individual Rural Water District lines/points, as requested by Public Works.

·              With Counselors/Treasurers depts., continue working with vendor (CivicSource) regarding GIS input on maps vendor can provide in potential online Tax Sale.

·              Update sign inventory in Public Works PubWorks application, with the current inventory count at 3746 of approx. 12,000 signs in the County. 

·              Continue updating County water lines and points, from Schwab Eaton provided plans.

·              Participate in Road Naming committee - determined remaining private roads to be named (68), with number of parcels and number of addresses affected.

·              Trained Appraiser office employees on new Web App that replaced the old ArcReader MapMaker that will soon be phased out.

·              Completed various work orders from Planning and Development, including Lot of Record, Parent Tracts, Ag Use change, Ag Exemptions, etc.      

·              Ongoing work including normal upkeep/editing of SDE, DASC backups, and Pictometry layer updates; ESN boundary changes due to annexations into the city; work on new Plats; and City of Manhattan Zoning changes.



Kevin Howser


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